JOURNEY by Junto is a mobile application specifically developed for people taking a journey in life. No matter what it may be, we all go on an important journey at some point.


JOURNEY is all about it’s users, and allows them to document their journeys as they would typically in a diary. A simple #hashtag and JOURNEY seamlessly consolidates the user’s journey from all popular social media platforms, amongst some really cool other features, resulting in a memorable JOURNEY experience for both the user and their followers.



Normally when you embark on the journey of your life, you more than likely will post a couple of pictures on other social media platforms, so that friends and family can take a quick look, and that will be the sum of the experience.


Normally when you embark on a Journey of some kind, you take some pics, and post them along with some thoughts on social media platforms.  This way your friends and family can see what you’re up to.  JOURNEY is designed to change the way you document and others experience what you're going through.


Using JOURNEY will take your friends and family through your entire experience from start to finish. A user friendly timeline allows your followers to experience what you’re experiencing as it happens.


By using a simple #hashtag for your adventure, JOURNEY will import all your images, comments, likes and stories from all other popular social media platforms onto your JOURNEY timeline.


But apart from JOURNEY being a Social Media Consolidator, gathering all the relevant information from popular social media platforms using your #hashtag, it also allows you to capture JOURNEY specific posts, which can be text based, images, audio or voice notes, or video.  For all the JOURNEY specific posts, the location, date and time that they post is created, is part of the post and added to the timeline. Your followers are part of the JOURNEY like never before.


Whether you are about to do an event of a lifetime, trying to lose 10kgs on a new diet, doing a degree or maybe even going through a pregnancy, your journey can be just as meaningful and important to your friends and family as it is to you.


"Tomorrow is too late, yesterday is over and now

is the exact time you should start"


Seamlessly imports and consolidates content from all popular social media platforms


Collates all the information into a linear, date and time orientated JOURNEY timeline.


Easy to follow timeline, taking the follower on a unique JOURNEY experience.


Capture videos, music and images directly to the timeline in JOURNEY.


Take quick experience based voice-notes directly in JOURNEY.


Offline Capture feature allowing the capturing of images, text, video and audio while no connectivity, with automatic upload once connected.


All uploads directly into JOURNEY are GPS stamped with the exact location of the upload.


The JOURNEY event feature combines all the user’s journeys participating in the same event.


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"It is better to look back on your life and to say,

I can't believe I did that, rather than to look back and say

I wish I did that"